I had the pleasure of meeting John Moran at the Labor Day Cook Out and Speak Out hosted by Rights and Democracy here in Bennington.
​As a RAD endorsed candidate, he supports policies that “lead to happy, healthy, and just communities for all Vermonters.”

We can look to his past record as a representative, and enthusiastically support him in November with our votes.  

Jennifer Brent, Bennington VT

Endorsements 2016

My name is Tricia Kilcommons, I am writing as an out of state contributor to the re-election campaign of Representative John Moran.
I am doing so because 
although I am not a full time resident in the town of Wardsboro, it is where my husband and I have a second home, and hope to retire. In the last ten years I have come to know Rep. Moran, and I have always found him to be an eager listener
​to my concerns.

I have great respect for the work he has accomplished, and bills he has had some hand in getting passed over his last three terms. Even the bills he worked that haven't gotten the nod have been thoughtful and useful. He has a knack for stimulating valuable debate on topics which benefit the greater good in our district, the environment and the entire state. I believe John to be a forward thinker - exploring long term fixes to complex problems with the economy, equal rights, and the environment  to name a few.

I would ask you cast your vote for Representative Moran, I would if I were able! 

Tricia Kilcommons, Miller Place NY / Wardsboro VT

Currently, the hot issues in the nation and Vermont are economic in nature. John Moran is well aware of these issues and that's why
he supports 
increase of the minimum wage, equal pay for women, reducing property taxes and, specific to Vermont, he would favor
​a universal health care system.  John Moran 
has been a dedicated supporter of legislation which would enhance the well-being of all Vermonters.  Please vote for John Moran to return to Montpelier as our state representative.  

Victor Landeryou,  Wardsboro, VT 

John Moran deserves another term as State Representative. As a conscientious, well-informed member of the Legislature, he has worked on issues that are important to all of us: economic development, job creation, equal pay for women, increasing the minimum wage, preserving community-based schools. 

John is one who steps in where he is needed, whether it is collecting trash at the Fourth of July Parade or filling a vacancy on the School Board. He works for his district all year long, both in Montpelier and at home. His experience and seniority make him increasingly effective as a legislator. He is always responsive to the needs and concerns of his constituents.

Voters in Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Somerset, Stamford, Wardsboro, and Whitingham can vote for experience and hard work by returning John Moran to Montpelier. He deserves your vote.

Amy Kleppner, Wardsboro VT



Vermont National Education Association (VtNEA) endorses State Representative John Moran for reelection for his efforts on behalf
​of our teachers and all working Vermonters.

Vermont State Employee Association (VSEA), on behalf of its 5400 members endorses Sate Representative John Moran for reelection, for his taking a leadership role in furthering the cause of state employees and all workers in Vermont. 

The Vermont League of Conservation Voters (VCV) is a nonpartisan political organization working to turn environmental values into state priorities, and making environmental conservation a top priority for candidates, elected officials and voters. Representative John Moran has a 2013-2014 score of 100% and a lifetime score of 94%.

VCV Environmental Scorecard

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) is a nonprofit, statewide business trade organization with a mission to advance business ethics that value multiple bottom lines, economic, social, and environmental. Representative John Moran in the 2011-2012 received a score of 100%.

VBSR's 2011 2012 Legislative Scorecard

Windham-Bennington District  –  Dover  |  Readsboro  |  Searsburg  |  Somerset  |  Stamford  |  Wardsboro  |  Whitingham 

Re-elect John Moran. 

John Moran has the experience and dedication to serve this community. His independence has been demonstrated over the years.

Marlene Grushoff, Dover VT

Sometimes a “new voice” is important and necessary, but in the case of the current race for state representative in Windham-Bennington the voice of experience and consistency is the preferable voice. John Moran has consistently represented the best interests of all residents of this district. He understands and consistently addresses the needs of children, working adults, and military veterans as well as senior citizens. He has demonstrated his commitment by serving on the local school board and speaking out for the interests of high performing small schools. He has represented workers both through collective bargaining and legislative efforts to provide a livable wage. In particular, he has supported women both with equal pay and child care initiatives. 

Similarly, he has consistently worked to protect and improve the well being of military veterans and seniors. I encourage you to vote to return John Moran to his legislative seat.

Nancy Meinhard, Wardsboro VT

Voters in the Windham-Bennington-1 District have a chance to return John Moran to the House of Representatives this November. John has worked for children by advocating local control of schools, protection of small schools, and school choice. He has worked for young people and senior citizens through his support for raising the minimum wage and expanding social security. Such legislation would benefit the entire community as it would make Vermont an even more appealing place to live and work.

Throughout his life John has supported improved health care and reduced property taxes. It's time to return the candidate with the best track record to the Legislature. I urge you to vote for John Moran.  

Amy Klepper, Wardsboro VT

Voters in Windham-Bennington-1 District have an opportunity this November to return John Moran to the Vermont House of Representatives. John has devoted a lifetime to supporting policies that improve the quality of life for all of us. He has worked for children by urging local control of schools, protection of small schools, and school choice. He has worked for both senior citizens and young people by supporting the expansion of social security and raising the minimum wage. These are improvements that would benefit the entire community since they would make Vermont friendlier to the businesses on which a growing economy depends.

In addition, John has worked tirelessly for health care for all and for reduced property taxes. Voters have a chance to elect the candidate with the best track record and a strong commitment to social values, namely, John Moran. 

Amy Klepper, Wardsboro VT

I am pleased to support my neighbor and friend John Moran in his bid to represent the Windham-Bennington 1 District in the Vermont House.

During the period that I served as a senator from Windham County, John Moran represented seven towns—Wardsboro, Dover, Readsboro, Searsburg, Stamford, Somerset and part of Whitingham—in the Vermont House. I often went to him for advice and we worked together on several bills to help working Vermonters. 

But, we had something else in common that was very important. I live in Townshend and I was the first Windham County senator in 25 years to come from the more rural west of the district. I saw first hand the challenges small towns—and especially remote ones—have in being heard in Montpelier.

John was by far the most effective voice in the House for communities like ours. This is why I hope the voters in Windham-Bennington will return him to Statehouse. He will be great voice for you but also for all of us in small town rural Vermont.

Peter Galbraith, Townshend VT

I am writing this letter in support of John Moran, who is running for State Representative for the Windham-Bennington District. John is a progressive Democrat who advocates for the repeal of Act 46, a disaster for local school districts, and instead finance education in this state with a tax on income rather than property. John also wants financial security for older citizens, expanded Social Security and a guaranteed livable income. Please vote for John Moran on Nov. 8.

Henry Millett, Whitingham VT